Served with garlic bread

Prawn Fettuccine


Garlic prawns added to our house-made fettuccine sauce

Fettuccine Alfredo


Garlic cream souce, parmesan, onions and fresh basil

Chicken Fettuccine


Chicken breast added to our house-made fettuccine sauce

Baked Lasagna


Loaded with our hearty meat sauce, ricotta cheese, spinach and mozzarella (Add 5 Meatballs $6)

Seafood Linguine


Garlic prawns and scallops added to our house-made linguine sauce

Spinach & Ricotta Cheese Ravioli


Tossed in our fire-roasted tomato sauce with parmesan and fresh basil

Spaghetti & Meatballs


5 savoury meatballs infused with garlic and romano cheese tossed in our fire-roased tomato sauce with spaghetti